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Аноним спросил: I didn't understand the cheese quote. Can you explain that? Thank you, love your blog.


Benedict just has a lot of feelings about cheese.

It’s really difficult for him to draw cheese. (x)

He also sneaked some cheese from the meet and greet tables at OzCon.

And he has a lot of love for his favourite: “… how you chisel away so you can get a little shard that tastes so good, because you’ve worked so hard for it.”

- @OzCon: in reg. to what ‘weird’ things fans have ever said to him -
Benedict: “Well, innocent things, really. Like: ‘What’s your favourite cheese?’ […] Of aaaall the things you could ask me ‘What’s my favourite cheeeeeeese.’ […] What /is/ my favourite cheese?” (a bunch of replies get thrown at him) “Ahhh you girls you like your cheese, of course.” … “Ehm … Manchego. […] YEAH! Let’s have a cheer for manCHEGO. *high pitched* WOOOOOH! *manly roar* YEAHHH! *screams* MANCHEEEGO. Ah that’s great. All buy Manchego.”

I bet the tomatoes are getting jealous

Oz Comic Con - April 13th, 2014 (Sun) - part one


As complete a summary as I can be bothered with of Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oz Comic Con Sydney event (Sunday April 13th, 2014). Some parts have been paraphrased and others left out completely, so don’t take it as gospel, more as generally what went down.

Q&A: BC appears on stage holding his iPhone up to the microphone and dancing around. Crowd goes wild.

"Now that… is a legal bit of dancing that you’ve just heard [sic]". Which is his way of bringing up the fact that he’s actually quite annoyed (I think) over the organisers’ showing of the video intercutting Tom Hiddleston’s dancing with his own "Thriller" moves. He explains the background, which is that footage was essentially hacked from Olivia’s page, at which people laugh and cheer, to which he’s all "no, boo, boo".

1. How did he prepare to play James in Third Star? Aww. He talked to the UK Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer society, since it was what James suffered from, he met a few people who had cancer at the time, he talked to Vaughn (the screenwriter) who based some of it on a friend of his. He couldn’t do anything with his hair because he was about to play Sherlock! So he lost a lot of weight, went swimming in the ocean, ran around a lot, ate less - at this point someone brings him a glass of wine, which gets a cheer - for at least two weeks. Says nice things about JJ (yay!), that they all influenced the film because Hattie was a first-time director, he tried to help and guide her with his own work, and JJ especially helped her and he (JJ) would make a good director. Amazing story, amazing setting.

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I don’t usually do this, but R and I decided to attend the Benedict Cumberbatch’s panel when he came to Sydney!

Under the cut, you’ll find a couple crappy photos and a long-ish coverage of the Q&A. Summary: Benedict danced, sang, did impressions, was sassy, earnest, and adorable. \o/

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“My work is for the public and my life is for myself”

Benedict Cumberbatch - Oz Comic Con (via cumberbitchen)

"… for no one else. That’s it. And I understand that people are interested. And as you know, my problem is that I probably overshare a bit too much. So, the media loves playing with that. The media loves to sort of throw things back at me or say that I said things that weren’t said in anything other than jest, as like a statement of fact. And those are weird things. The lack of control or perception and I can’t be in a room and make a joke like I can with nearly a thousand of you and I will be understood as well as I can by you, as I can by one journalist and one editor who goes ‘ah that’s the quote. put that up. and then we have something we can race him on’.(?) And that’s a bit … that just gets boring. But it’s part of a very privileged existence, so I wear it lightly now. I used to go get very cut up (?) about it but I couldn’t care less anymore. … And the amount of cut-and-paste-jobs that are done. You all know it as well. You can spot it. It is very easy to see if someone’s actually been in a room with me or if someone has just gone ‘ah we use that clipping and that clipping and that quote and and ooh he did that - we’ll use that!’ … and they get paid to do that, which is a slightly gruelling thing. […].”

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Filmed by my good self in the first five minutes of Sundays Q&A.

I am so glad it was the James question.



I didn’t go into acting for the fame, though I understand that my work needs an audience. There’s a great paradox there, of ‘look at me!’ and ‘no, don’t look at me’. It’s still very surreal.

(Benedict Cumberbatch, Oz Comic Con 12/4/14)
I can’t see any paradox here, because “an audience” is not the same as “fame”. Theatre (like any sort of art) is a cooperation, is a dialogue. The dialogue is possible only between equals. There is no trace of equality between a star and its fandom (f-word doesn’t create equals, rather it equally humiliates both sides).Art shows us a mirror. You can clean it, and keep it safe. But you can’t spend your life peering at it, otherwise there’s nothing for it to reflect.


I didn’t go into acting for the fame, though I understand that my work needs an audience. There’s a great paradox there, of ‘look at me!’ and ‘no, don’t look at me’. It’s still very surreal.

(Benedict Cumberbatch, Oz Comic Con 12/4/14)

I can’t see any paradox here, because “an audience” is not the same as “fame”. Theatre (like any sort of art) is a cooperation, is a dialogue. The dialogue is possible only between equals. There is no trace of equality between a star and its fandom (f-word doesn’t create equals, rather it equally humiliates both sides).

Art shows us a mirror. You can clean it, and keep it safe. But you can’t spend your life peering at it, otherwise there’s nothing for it to reflect.

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“I’ll just waffle on like I just did then and answer many of your questions. That’s what happens in interviews. That’s why I always get fucked up by journalists.”
— Benedict Cumberbatch when told it was the last question. (via benaddictmindpalace)

Аноним спросил: Hi, Geny! Do you happen to know why Benedict wore (basically) the same outfit at all of his OzCon panels? I just thought you might happen to have heard the reasoning behind it. I hope you enjoy your next couple of days off.


thank you, I will :)

from the panel on the 13th
fan: “Why do you always wear the same shirt?”
BC: “Because I have the luxury of being in hotels with [?] dry cleaning. […] And I don’t want to make people jealous that they got photographs of me in lots of different shirts when they like one shirt more than another. So I’ve tried to [stick to these two shirts for these two shows.]" <— not entirely sure on the wording of the ’[]’ bit.

Аноним спросил: Someone is spreading a quote about Benedict from the con that he spoke about downloading music illegally and using torrents and only using torrent for "hard porn" I've heard all of the audio from both panels and this didn't happen. Can you let your followers know....



I have listened to it all as well and yes, it went down a bit differently.
—> But I think it just was misunderstood due to “porn” and “poor” sounding much a like with his accent. (additionally taking excitement, crowd noise and echo into account). It either got understood incorrectly or was remembered incorrectly.

So, here is what he did say:
excerpt of reply to “advice for actors-to-be” (from the April 12th panel) :
”[…] Keep wanting to absorbing the culture around you. Know what you are getting into. Just go to as much theatres as you can afford to go to. See as much good television as you can afford to see. Don’t download it illegally unless you really are poor … and then … fine. Just don’t tell me. […]”

- judging from the laughter in the audience, it was actually misheard by a bunch of people. Reference to “porn” in relation to the other words in the sentence doesn’t make sense either (if, let’s say for argument’s sake, we’d assume that he did say “porn” —> “unless you really are” (which can be heard rather clearly) does, linguistically, not allow for the next word to be ‘porn’.)). He said “poor”.


Okay! Squeezing in a few minutes to upload these photos because I really overestimated the amount of free time I was going to have today. I know I said I was going to upload a better photo of me from here but I don’t think I’m going to have time so, I’m just going to leave that as is. Sorry but this is a long post and photo posts don’t allow read mores so…I’m really sorry. 

So my Sunday started at 5am though I didn’t have to leave to drive up to UNSW until 7am. I live a little closer than those times make me sound like I do but I did not want to be late. 

Arriving there, the line was moving really quickly and it was very well organised- I was barely in line ten minutes! My seat was absolutely awesome, only a few seats from the front and the people on either side of me were really nice (and both from Perth, strangely enough). I then met up with batchofsherlocks (who is awesome) and we waited for the day to begin. 

Photos were first and as I had an awesome seat I was in the second group called. As mentioned yesterday, they talked about people who had fainted meeting him and as I got closer, I could understand why. Even though it was really rushed he said “Hi” as I came up to him and then I got to wish him a “Good day” in return to his as I left. Looking at my photo, I don’t understand why I look so tall in it- I’m short and he’s much taller than I am so he must have been bending down else I would not have come up to past his shoulder.

There was a long break between photos and autographs so I went with batch to get lunch then to the library to wait for time to pass (the library at UNSW is awesome though, so many comfortable chairs! It’s a great place to talk to a cool person). 

Autographs started a bit after 1:30 and once again I went in one of the first groups. I didn’t have anything for him to sign so I got one of the free photos- one of my favourite publicity shots for Sherlock. He had a little more time to talk this time, asking after my day and allowing me to ask after his. He then forgot the ‘i’ in my name so he had to go back and add it with a little “Oops, almost forgot the ‘i’”. Then he thanked me and I thanked him and I moved off. I didn’t realise until after he said my name- It slipped my mind I was too excited to be there.

The Q&A was supposed to start at 4:30pm but it didn’t start until just after 5pm as autographs ran late. While we were waiting they played loads of clips of interviews, as they had been doing all day, but only the video of Tom Hiddleston vs him in dancing (a bunch of clips edited to Sexy And I Know it) shut the crowd up for long. 

Then he came out dancing and the crowd got up and danced with him. He mentioned that this was to give us ‘legal’ dancing as he must have seen the video that played which included the Thriller footage that was stolen from his then girlfriend’s Facebook page. The crowd made a noise that sounded vaguely positive so he went “No not yay, boo”.

Then the first question was asked and it had started! Just so you know, I’ve no memory for details and especially names so I’m going to only be giving general stuff and things might not be in exactly the right order.

I don’t remember everything asked but the first question was about his preparation for Third Star. As he was telling us about how he visited those with the disease and losing weight for the role a glass of wine was brought out. He cut himself off to go “Ooh yeah!” complete with an adorable face then continued on with the question (there’s a video of this moment here) mentioning that the director was an awesome person to work with.

Another question was asked, this time what was the weirdest thing a fan had done to him/given to him. He said he had no clue, to which someone heckled “Go to your mind palace!” He replied that “There are many doors in my mind palace marked not fit for public consumption.”. He told the person who asked the question that he would come back to their question.

There was a question about what book he would want to see made (with him starring). He did give a series he wanted to see done but I can’t remember either the title or author, only that it had five books in it. He then mentioned that there were a few others but he couldn’t talk about them because there are ongoing talks about them. He also asked after a book a fan had had him sign, because he liked the look of it and wanted to read it but had forgotten the title. 

Someone asked a question about what it was like acting with his parents. He said that it had been the first day of shooting that the Baker Street scene was filmed so he was nervous, they were nervous so it was all “a bag of nerves really.”. But then by the time they filmed the Christmas bit it was much more relaxed- he said it felt like “Christmas dinner at my parents but with a bunch of actors from Sherlock hanging around with cameras.” He mentioned that it wasn’t much different to how his parents are though he said something about his father wearing different hats.

There was a question about what makes a good director and what were the good experiences he’s had with directors. He described what it was like to work with a few of his directors- I remember his description of Danny Boyle in particular because Cumberbatch mentioned how he made him want to give more, particularly on bad days when he had to use public transport as it was raining so he couldn’t bike. Then he said that he wanted to be a director but he’s not quite there yet. 

The person sitting next to me got to ask a question. As they were dressed as Khan, Cumberbatch greeted them as such. But they gave him their actual name and said “I’m better.” He replied “At what?” to which they said “Pretty much everything” and got a laugh. Then they asked a very good question on how he researched Aspergers and autism when preparing for the roles of Sherlock and the Creature. There was a very good and sensitively worded discussion (because the question asker did respond to some points) and while he admits there is a connection between the Creature’s experience and Autism, he is reluctant to call the Creature Autistic. He ended up with a lovely quote that “Everyone is different in different ways, which basically means we’re all the same.”

Someone else asked after his favourite song, which he found on his phone and played it for us. He even got us to wave along to it while he discussed the song. I can’t actually remember what song it was or who it was by but the oz comic con tag has informed me it might have been by Elbow? Whoever they are. It was good.

There was a question on what projects of his we should look out for which lead into a talk on the Alan Turing movie he’s in along with a talk on Alan Tuning. It’s very clear he admires Alan Turing and that Cumberbatch deeply dislikes the circumstances that led to his death. There was also talk of a film that should start filming in June, though I can’t remember the title of it. 

One person asked something about his work in relation to the rising popularity/acceptance of geeks which caused him to ask in Khan’s voice “Is Khan a geek?” then in Smaug’s “Is Smaug a geek?” and then like Sherlock “Sherlock’s a geek.” which was very cute. He stated that geeks have “always been secretly running the world.” and waffled on about how great it was that “Brainy is the new Sexy.” as if intelligence is made to be good and is used to make the world better than that can only be good. I got the impression he’s passionate about making the world better, maybe?

There was a question about how come he always seems to be wearing the same shirt in con photos. He snarked that it was a product of “..having access to hotel dry cleaning.” But then he said that it because he didn’t want fans to see photos of him with a different shirt to the one in their photo and like that one more and thus be disappointed so he tries to rotate the same shirts for con appearances.

I think I might be missing some questions but maybe not because he waffled on a lot. Anyway, it was about this point he was told it was the last question to which he responded by asking if an orchestra needed the hall or if someone had left their parking meter running. Then he asked for more questions.

Someone asked what the most embarrassing question on his iPod was, causing him to spend the rest of the Q&A looking through his phone for embarrassing songs. He didn’t find any, stating that he has very good taste in music. But when he first started looking he sung “Puff the magic dragon.” under his voice which got a laugh. 

About then, there was a heckle about how he was supposed to go back to the earlier question of what the weirdest thing a fan has done was to which he replied that he hadn’t been thinking about it and stuck by the “I don’t know” he had given earlier. He mentioned that soon after Sherlock season one had aired he had gotten a riding crop in the mail and assumed a fan had sent it- even said so on national television- until Tom Hiddleston had admitted he had sent it. 

The MC was really pushing for an end here so the crowd started to just call out questions. Someone asked for him to out dance Hiddleston to which he said “No, I’m not a performing monkey” while still looking for that embarrassing song. Someone else asked what the best part of Australia was to which he replied “All the rude Australians asking these questions” but then he said that no, it was the scenery and the people while describing some of the things he’s done while here (including jumping from an aeroplane!). He only mentioned Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as being amazing so people called out to include Brisbane to which he said “I get you’re from different places but I’ve not been there!”. He didn’t seem too annoyed by the heckling as he kept stopping his search to answer any question asked that he understood or ask for clarification for those he didn’t.

By now the MC was basically trying to drag him off and he still hadn’t found that embarrassing song (he mentioned that a few artists on his phone were Aussies and good which got a cheer) so he just played a few and said something vague about it being posted for us later. Then he left, to a major cheer. 

And that was the day. It was amazing and well worth it.